2020 Copper X79 TT Concave Extra Low Bow

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2020 Copper X79 TT Concave Extra Low Bow

The X79 has been a huge success internationally since 2015. Introduced into the market with a unique layup, players immediately fell in love with it’s power to weight ratio.

Jamie was born in 79’ and this stick has been made with approximately 79% carbon.

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It’s light weight and high balance point enables faster swing speeds when hitting and slapping the ball.

Taper Toe™ makes it easy to dribble the ball and use your skills in a tight situation.

We’ve updated the look of the stick for 2020, but at its core, it’s the stick you’ve come to love.


Curve | 24.75mm | Bow Point | 200mm
Designed with a concave face for ball speed and accuracy when flicking, this stick is the ultimate dragflick weapon.

Sizes: 36.5″, 37.5″, 38.5″


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Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 100 × 12.5 × 5 cm

36.5", 37.5", 38.5"