2023 X79 TT Mid Bow – Futurism

Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $199.00.


2023 X79 TT Mid Bow – Futurism

Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $199.00.

Our Mid Bow is designed for players wanting a straight stick, perfect for hitting flat and hard, lots of players playing on grass prefer this shape.

Jamie was born in 79’ and this stick has been made with approximately 79% carbon.

* Weight and Balance Point will vary stick to stick, data provided is a guide only.

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The X79 has been a huge success internationally since 2015. Introduced into the market with a unique layup, players immediately fell in love with its power-to-weight ratio. The lightweight and high balance point enables faster swing speeds when hitting and slapping the ball. Taper Toe™ makes it easy to dribble the ball and use your skills in tight situations.

Manufactured with high-grade Japanese carbon and finished with 3K Carbon Twill Cloth, Silver reflective foil, and the JDH signature Taper Toe™ design.

Bow Point: 300mm
Curve: 24mm
Length: 36.5″ / 37.5″ / 38.5″
Color: White/Green
Weight: 505gr -515gr
Balance: 390mm
Carbon: 80%

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36.5", 37.5", 38.5"